Due to the Coronavirus

2022 Sunny Shores Sea Camp is Tentatively Set for June 23-27

Camp at a Glance

What to Expect

We do everything we can to go above and beyond for our CF attendees.


We provide all kinds of helpful mentorship and guidance, such as psychologists, registered nurses, physical therapists, and adults who are succeeding in their battle with CF.


We provide structured activities like field and beach sports, swimming, round table discussions, physical conditioning, guest speakers, talent shows, and plenty more planned for this year!


We provide 3 meals for every day, parking, the room – everything you need so we can help you focus on enjoying your stay and learning as much as you can to take home with you.

Just Come!

All you need to do is get here, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Come join the fun, you will not regret it!

The application process is CLOSED until further notice.

You Are Our Priority

We care deeply about all of our Campers, so we make every painstaking effort to produce this wonderful environment! And best of all – it is free of charge to our attendees and up to 3 immediate family members – if you have CF, please apply!

We operate entirely on the generosity of our many donors. We wouldn’t be able to offer this wonderful environment without their tremendous support and contributions.

The Details

$50.00 Application Fee

To confirm your place at the Melbourne Beach Hilton, we must collect an application fee of $50.00.  As we are responsible to pay for any rooms that we reserve, the fee is your guarantee that you will attend.

Only If You have CF

Only People with Cystic Fibrosis can apply to Sunny Shores Sea Camp. You will be asked to provide a Doctors letter and your CF clinic affiliation as proof you actually have CF. Teens MUST come with their parent or guardian, or they will not be allowed to stay.

Where You’ll Be Staying

Campers will be staying at the luxurious Hilton Melbourne Beach Oceanfront resort in Melbourne, Florida.

This relaxing beach-front retreat is just 7 miles from the Melbourne International Airport. Great views, delicious dining, and 9,000+ square feet of flexible event space and lovely amenities.

Many of the rooms offer a view of the Atlantic Ocean, and each room offers complimentary Wifi, HDTV, and a refrigerator. There’s even a shuttle that will take you anywhere within a 5 mile radius of the hotel!

There’s nothing like relaxing in style and breathing in the lovely salt spray from the Atlantic Ocean right outside your door. We can’t wait to meet you here!

3003 North Highway A1A,
Melbourne, FL, 32903-2133, USA

Be Prepared

What You’ll Need for Camp

Although Sunny Shores Sea Camp will take care of all of your activities, meals, room fees, and parking, there are still some things that you will need to bring with you for your stay here.


Including therapy.


To and from the resort.


Things you would pay for at a hotel.

Credit Card

For phone calls or room service.


Frequently Asked Questions

If Cultures are done 2 months before camp how can we be sure the other campers do not have cepacia?
The timing of the sputum cultures is to ensure that there is enough time for people to make plans to come to this camp, but short enough that it is unlikely for cepacia to be acquired between the culture and coming to camp. That being said, it is impossible to guarantee that everybody who is in camp does not have cepacia, or perhaps another bacteria or virus, that can to transmitted to another person. We are aware that the spread of cepacia, MRSA and other illnesses pose a threat to people who have CF, and we do not and cannot warrant that anyone who suffers with CF will not be sick attending camp or sicker once home. To greatly reduce risk of cross contamination, all CF campers must have full CF sputum cultures including but not limited to all of the above illnesses. These cultures must be performed within three months of the beginning date of camp and submitted to SSSC for approval by its Medical Director. Furthermore, all campers who are actively sick with any illness are asked not to attend even if they are approved. Finally, all campers sleep in the same room as their primary family and these families are spread throughout the resort. Meals and programs do include all campers as a group. Special stations for adequate hand washing and/or use of anti-bacterial products are mandatory by everyone at camp, especially before and after meals, play and programs. With these and other special precautions, which reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses, it is still true that the only way to avoid problems entirely would be to suggest you not attend this camp. Many of the organisms that concern us can be acquired in the community, especially MRSA (methicillin resistant staph. aureus). Your decision to come to this camp is associated with risk. However, if you feel uncomfortable with your participation in any program, you can and should opt out. SSSC is a respite camp, and is there to try to help you meet other families who are dealing with CF. You are encouraged to apply if this meets your comfort zone as well as complies with your doctor’s advice. Lives have been enriched by attendance to SSSC, but you, (the camper, parent, spouse, or guardian) must make all risk decisions regarding your normal routine, nutrition, exercise, therapy, medicine and group time with other CF campers.
Who pays for Sunny Shores Sea Camp?
Many volunteers and organizations work year round to raise money for Sunny Shores Sea Camp.  These funds are used to pay for our families to attend at no charge. Our largest fundraiser is the Falcon Batchelor Memorial golf tournament held each spring.  
Do I contact the Resort for a reservation?
All application should be sent to the address on the application.  

Sunny Shores will make all the reservations for each family.

When do I do my culture?
Submit a recent culture by May 1st of the year you want to attend..
When will I be notified that I have been accepted to attend Camp?
All cultures are to be received on or before May 1st. At that time all applications and lab reports start the review process. Upon review of them notification is expected to be sent out via e-mail or regular mail the middle of May.
How many people can I bring?
The rooms at the resort can hold up to 4 people, no more than 4 are allowed per room.  So the CF attendee can bring themselves and up to 3 immediate family members.
Why do I need a credit card at check in?
Incidentals such as room service, phone calls from your room, meals and drinks  that are not part of the group meals provided each day and souvenirs, will be billed to you.
What does Sunny Shores pay for?
Sunny Shores will be responsible for your scheduled activities, three scheduled meals per day, snacks, non-alcoholic drinks, room fee, tips, and parking.  Details will be given at orientation after you check in.
Can I attend if my sputum culture is positive for Burkholderia Cepacia?
With regret no.  Due to concerns with cross contamination, those testing positive for this intrinsic resistance bacteria are asked to refrain from camp.
What do I do with my sputum results when I get them?
We must have the results of your culture on or before May 1st.  We recommend you email them to assure they get in on time. You may email to KDisney57@gmail.com.
Am I automatically guaranteed a spot at camp?Am I automatically guaranteed a spot at camp?
No, you must submit your application, application fee and a culture on time.  Space is limited so please be prompt.  If the paper work is done and the Director approves your culture a space will be reserved.  However, the Director has the discretion to deny an application if he feels the applicant is a possible threat to the well being of the other attendees.
Can I bring a pet?
No. We are sorry to say, but no pets are allowed at Sunny Shores.

One Last Thing…

The issue of cross contamination is ever present on the minds of families and health care providers dealing with Cystic Fibrosis.  Please read the application carefully regarding sputum cultures. If you test positive for Burkholderia Cepacia we regretfully ask that you do not attend camp.